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Roger Miret and the Disasters - My Riot (LP)

People Like You

''Let me take you by the hand, back to the streets of New York City,'' is the opening line from ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS' third album, My Riot. The Disasters represent an honesty rarely seen in music today. A sound which can only come straight from the heart of New York Hard Core's most legendary front man, a sound which can never be replicated or imitated, a sound which can only come from true life experiences. From someone who was there for the birth of, and lived through the most turbulent times of, one of the most honest genres of music. A genre that's viewed by most as a lifestyle.On September 10th 2001, The Disasters released their first, ''Self Titled'' album and have been on tour ever since spreading their message, the voice of True Street Punk and Street Rock 'n Roll. This is a message for the people who are tired of the modern day cliche of punk rock that has been prepackaged and hand delivered. This is a message for
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