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Mods & Rockers

Document Press

The first and only book to chart of one British youth culture's most explosive eras. During the spring of ’64, an unparalleled moral panic spread among the people of Britain, as two bitterly opposed domestic factions, the likes of which had not been seen before, gripped the nation with fear: Mods and Rockers. Growing in numbers throughout the early part of the decade, by the Easter of ’64, the ranks of these two groups – and more importantly their differences – had become so great that they could no longer be ignored. The overt hostility these two groups displayed toward each other further heightened so that conflict was inevitable. This sign-post was spectacularly missed by the authorities however … until it was way too late … This book explains the genesis of both movements right through from their conception to the cell splitting that separated them. It will closely study their development, and most importantly, highlight their enduring legacies on the popular culture scene of t
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