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Hollywood Suicide - Murder at the Prom

Crazy Love Records

Hollywood Suicide, beauty and decay, fame and depression. Some pills and champagne, that was a popular choice of death among people in the show business era of the 50s. Get to the top, do it quick, being loved, being adored. Quit while your ahead, never let your fortune fade. A way of life rather than a name, but that's what a band coming from the dark side of the U.K chose. Four ''fiends'', two guitars, upright bass, sticks and skins and the common passion for debauchery, macabre and furious rocking. They call themselves Horror Punkabilly, mixing classic 50's Rock& Roll, fired up PunkRock and old time horror tainted lyrics. Close enough to Punk and Psychobilly, yet far enough to maintain an indefinite identity .. Their 1st full length ''Murder At The Prom''... Thirteen fast paced pounding melodic original tracks of love, lust, death, sin, horror, dark romance, luck and loss. Let this be the your last chance....
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