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Pat C. Miller - My Heart´S On Fire Tee - Black

HepTown Records

PatC.Miller startd singing as a young child, entertaining family and neighbours. Later on she studied violin and guitar with great succes in high school for performing arts and , later, also in private school. After the school years she took an interest in country music which developed into retro country fifties style and PatC also started to write her own music. In 2003 PatC was awarded ''country talent of the year'' and performed at festivals with her band at the time, her first single ''Daddy'' went straight to nr 1 on countrytrax and stayed there for a record number of weeks. PatC left her band and started working with a western swing band that now are ''Her Five Aces''. This band is on her debut album ''My Hearts on Fire'' that was released on Last Buzz records where PatC.Miller now is a great star. She has already done shows like ''Viva Las Vegas'' and she has a clear vision with her music:
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