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GoodFellas - Salute!

Ah, Italy! Renowned for its pastas, chiantis, and…hard jumping swing? In fact, Italy has given us several gifted swing musicians, including The Good Fellas, who first hit the scene in 1997 backing Ray Gelato on the release of Gangsters Of Swing. The band has since stepped off of Gelato's coattails and is currently led by the appropriately named Lucky Luciano. The Bologna-based combo recently released their first CD, Salute!, a mix of Italian-themed swing covers with global appeal. The Good Fellas capture the great days of Vegas-style swing, when Prima and Butera were working an early rock-and-roll sound with big bands behind them. Luciano sings alternately in Italian and English, backed by a solid ten-piece orchestra. But, the real gems on Salute! are all in Italian, including ''Che Fine Ha Fatto Sam?'', ''Ehi, Cumpari!'', ''Tutto Pepe,'' ''Il Buio In Fondo Al Viale,'' ''O Sole Mio,'' and ''Cara
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