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Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - Viva Los Violence

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The spaceship from Planet 13 touches down on its 3rd intergalactic excursion. It would seem our intrepid cosmonauts seem as gender challenged this time round, unsure whether they are guys, gals or ghouls. They have also undergone a planetary shuffle with new members Scabs and Ikky joining Seaweed and Wednesday 13. This is a band that previously hit us mere mortals with songs like the hilariously titled ''I Like To Say Fuck''. I think you maybe getting the picture by now. This is all about high octane driven 3-minute blasts of good old trashy Rock and Roll. Nearly every track is bounced out with obscure B Movie samples as a prelude. This is somewhat infuriating, as I have been racking my brains over them so anyone wanting to enlighten me feel free.
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