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Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - Songs From The Recentl

People Like You

From the wonderfully offensive label ‘I Used To...’ comes thist offering from horror obsessed proto punks Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. With an obvious central influence of cod horror movies, the lyrical and sampled content of the album isn’t supposed to be taken seriously but the music is another kettle of fish altogether. Imagine if you can the Misfits stoned, playing Alice Cooper covers with a side order of L7 and The Vandals then you’re about half way there. Hooray for Horrorwood’ bounds out of the blocks as the fabulously titled ‘Monster Monster 13 Oh Yeah’ and thrashes about with some of the most splendidly over the top lyrics this side of Mr Bungle. But it’s last track ‘I Love to Say Fuck’ with its chintzy intro and buzz saw that makes this a must for punk, metal and rock fans alike.
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