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Deep Eynde - Shadowland - CD

People Like You

This is dark punk music SoCa style, with '80s new-wave vibes. The DEEP EYNDE comes from LA, and is well known in the Hollywood underground scene for its intense live performances, reminiscent of acts such as the DAMNED, MISFITS, AGENT ORANGE, AFI and even early IGGY POP and LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH. Led by vocalist JOEL FATAL FATAL (ex-KITTENS FOR CHRISTIAN) and guitarist DANIEL DELEON (ex-CALAVERA, LOBO NEGRO, and San Francisco's infamous INSAINTS), with drummer HAL SATAN and bass player SEAN VOMIT, the band has evolved from a goth oriented act into a modern punk outfit with a dark edge. ''Shadowland'' is a monster punk-party album engineered by Mike Rozon (BECK, MELVINS). Dont miss!
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