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Buster Shuffle - Our Night Out - CD

People Like You

The four-piece has been energetically slinging a piano, double bass, guitar and drum kit all around London over the past three years. And with their brand of piano bashing cockney ska, their authentic rock’n’roll sound and eminently catchy feel-good songs, they have already established a large fan-base across the capital and beyond, not to mention the recording of a magnificent debut album entitled “Our Night Out”, released in Autumn 2009. The Album “Our Night Out” will exclusively be available on their tour with their new label mates, the German punkrock institution the BROILERS. If you can’t make it to the tour you need to wait until March 28th of 2011, then “Our Night Out” will hit all stores over Europe, it will be digitally available on December 28th at all download platforms.
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