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Buckshots - 20 Live Rounds

Red West Production

Right from the beginning everyone knew the band was gonna be somehing special. The Buckshots middle name is energy. And their wild live act, filled with modern rockabilly and rock 'n' roll, hits the audience like... buckshots.
And now anyone can re-live The Buckshots's furious live act through their farewell album ''20 Live Rounds''.
''20 Live Rounds'' was recorded on mobile studio at venues around Sweden between 2006-2008. The result is 20 tracks of wild original music as well as covers that span all the way from Johnny Cash to Australias Beast Of Bourbon.
Farewell album? Yupp. The Buckshots will perform for the very last time on October 24th 2008 at Storans big stage in their hometown Gothenburg. Or as the band themself says ''We Should Quit While We're At Our Peak!''

01 We Wanna Bop
02 The Devils Is A Woman
03 Do The Boogie
04 Baby I'm Gone
05 Fine Fine Fine
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