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Bones – Bigger Than Jesus (Ltd Ed w Bonus Stuff)

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Rockers, Shockers, Punx and Drunks! The mighty BONES from Karlskrona / Sweden are set again to kick all fake ass posers off the scene. After three long years Europe’s most acclaimed Punk Rock´n´Rollers prove yet again their right to Rock`n`Roll`s throne by giving birth to their 3 classic albums which will re-released with new artwork, re-mastered & with several bonus stuff.Touring continues, beside loads of solo shows. Recently the band has headlined several festivals and toured arenas together with Die Toten Hosen and shared stages with other amazing bands like Motörhead, Dropkick Murphys, and Hatebreed to name just a few. Get your boots on and be ready for another genre dominating full throttle brick of THE BONES
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