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Bobby Darin - Aces Back to Back + DVD

Hyena Records

In his all too short life, Bobby Darin accomplished more than most artists could ever dream. He was a teen idol, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, an Academy Award-nominated actor, a Grammy Award-winner, a folk singer and a Vegas showman—and that only scratches the surface. The consummate American performer, his artistry is far beyond what mere words could describe. Aces Back To Back, the long awaited Bobby Darin collection on HYENA Records, paints the entire picture. Produced by Joel Dorn, in conjunction with Darin’s manager Steve Blauner and Darin’s official archivist Jimmy Scalia, the CD/DVD set will be the most comprehensive collection of Bobby Darin rarities ever released, drawing from long lost concert performances, previously unreleased radio broadcasts, out of print studio sessions and vintage film and television footage. Highlights include performances from his 1970s television variety show from which he delivers definitive renditions of his biggest hits including “Mack The
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