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Uncle Bright - Logger Boot - Rois Black

Uncle Bright

Uncle Bright is inspired by traditional workwear with the philosophy that all garments are created to be worn with a functional yet stylish purpose. All styles are then taken out of context and fused with a Scandinavian feel in terms of fits and color palette. All boots and footwear collection are handmade in an old family run shoe factory in Spain with more than 100 years of experience in proud shoe making.

The Logger Boot is a new style with a lot of cool subtle details.
Logger is a lace-to-toe style made with a higher shaft than the classic lace boot.
The boot is made with a beautiful triple multicolor stitching to highlight the construction panels.
The Logger Boot comes with a classic waxed cotton laces and a spare set in multicolor to match the stitching. This Exclusive leather is finished with a hand buffed touch for a deep black polished look.
EU/UK/US Shoe Size 
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