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Lowside Magazine 03

Lowside Magazine

Issue number three, holy shit! I can’t believe we even got one off the ground. I mean three issues isn’t that bad for a bunch of nobody’s throwing together some pictures and words. So Rich, the head honcho over here at Lowside, approached me and asked me to write about what we here at Lowside magazine are all about. Here’s a small example of what I’m all about. Currently I’m sitting at a computer at work, I woke up at 3:30am so I could get to work by 5:00am and use a computer to write this thing. I’m not on the road in some cool town taking pictures on my expensive camera or anything awesome like that. I have ten hours of work ahead of me followed by a two hour commute home. And no I couldn’t ride to work today because I had to carpool to save money. Rich is currently trapped in a Bermuda triangle of shit. He has a new house that he is working on, a baby and a job that he works full time. And he still manages to find time to work on this magazine. What I’m getting at is Lowside is a la
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