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Rebel Beat - The Story of L.A. Rockabilly DVD

HepTown Records

Rebel Beat is the only film to document L.A.'s original underground music, L.A. rockabilly -- sexy, low-fi, vintage rock that spans the cowboy rockers of the 1950s, the diehard revivalists of the '80s to today's Mexi-billy stars. Tour juke joints, car shows and barbeques to meet the pussycats and hound dogs behind the kustom rock kulture you won't see on MTV.

Featuring vintage rockabilly, western swing, garage growls, cumbia strolls & doo-wop by California artists Glen Glenn, Big Sandy, The Paladins, Ray Campi, Rockin' Ryan, Rip Carson, Moonlight Cruisers, Lil Luis, Omar Romero and the Lonely Blue Boys.

1970s Ray Campi music video
The performance that got Rockin' Ryan banned from Viva Las VegasMexican Hat Dance

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