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The Brian Setzer Orchestra - s/t - CD

Brian Setzer has been infatuated with ´50s fashions ever since he launched the Long Island, New York, rockabilly trio the Stray Cats in the early ´80s. Now, however, his ´50s fanaticism has taken an unexpected left turn into the big-band pop-jazz of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. The Brian Setzer Orchestra reintroduces the former Stray Cat as the crooner, guitarist and leader of a 17-piece horn band. Nonetheless, there´s more to this project than the usual Harry Connick Jr. or Linda Ronstadt nostalgia exercise. For one thing, Setzer brings the guitar out of the big-band background to become a lead instrument, not just to imitate jazz horn lines but to add jump-blues and rockabilly licks to the mix. Although Setzer sings numbers associated with Cole and Bobby Darin--as well as some originals in the Sinatra style--the album is less interesting when it´s paying tribute to big-band crooning than when it´s mixing that genre with early rock & roll. --Geoffrey Himes
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