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Skyron Orchestra - Skyron Orchestra

Transubstans Records

SKYRON ORCHESTRA is a new fresh band from Gothenburg coming with their debut album. 5 musicians being born far too late, paying their ode to the old psychedelic / progressive scene with this 10 tracker that features both short potentional hits, as well as longer instrumental songs. Features lots of retro organ sounds as well as guitars / bass and drums. Also, vocalist sounds at times a bit like Mariska Veres out of SHOCKING BLUE. Guitarrist we used to find in the 90´s band called LOTUS handling the 4 string bass guitar, but this time it´s guitar. All in all, a very good release that brings the best out of the 60´s & 70´s psych / progressive scene, adding a heavy touch to it, without being too much hardrock. Fabulous band !!
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