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Rise And Shine - Empty Hand (CD)

Since the inception in 93 Swedish Rise and Shine has paved a way of their own for their version of 70´s Heavy/Psych/Doom Rock. Despite their roots being ever audible (think SABBATH, THE OBSESSED/SPIRIT CARAVAN, PENTAGRAM, TROUBLE) RISE AND SHINE has always sounded like RISE AND SHINE and no one else. The reason for their uniqueness is spelled Josabeth Leidi. Josabeth has a sky clad, emotionally charged voice echoing Joplin and a pathos that nears that of Faithfull, with which she delivers the bands spot on lyrics darkly, but always with a glimmer of light, for the sake of contrast. Empty Hand is released in April, is Rise and Shine´s fourth album proper and will not disappoint any fan of honest, heavy and groovy Rock!
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