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Mad Sin - Young,Dumb & Snotty

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A 24 Track journey through the early days of what has become one of the Psychobilly scene´s most popular bands. A excellent collection of early recordings dating from 1988 to 1993 - a period that the band term ´The Psychotic Days´. The debut ´´CHILLS AND THRILLS´´ straight through ´´DISTORTED DIMENSIONS´´, ´´BREAK THE RULES´´ and the magnificent ´´TICKET INTO THE UNDERWORLD´´ will give you a complete overview about the Band`s most important songs & releases around this early period. So suffice it to say that ´´Deep Black Zone´´, the Ramones´s ´´She´s The One´´, ´´Gonna Get Her´´, ´´Indestructible Man´´ ´´Wicked Witch´´, ´´Meattrain At Midnight´´ and the Motorhead-ed, OTT ´´Overpower´´ (quite possibly the first time I´ve tiddlywinked a vertebrae across the room headbanging to slap bass) hav
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