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Mad Sin - Amphigory - CD

Fury Records

Mad Sin are a great Psychobilly band from Germany. Mad Sin are one of the best Psycho bands out there. Some really cool shit on this album, it´s really fast and the vocals are great, and some great slappin´, too. What more could you ask for? I´ve heard that this is one of the best Psychobilly albums around, and I really dig it. The songs are really different throughout the CD. This is halfway between Punkabilly and the softer stuff, really nice guitar sound. Some of the better songs are: ´Vampire Slut´ (because I like the title), ´Rockin Bones´, and the last track, ´Mind Blow´. This CD is recommendable, and thanks to Nick13 for recommending it to me. I´ll pass that along, pick it up
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