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MANGROVE - A Distant Dream of Tomorrow

Transubstans Records

Mangrove is a heavy and powerful classic rock trio with their roots in the late 60:s and the early 70:s hard rock and psychedelic scene. Groovy jams and heavy chords is one of Mangrove`s trademarks. Mangrove was born in the late fall of 2006 in Stockholm (Sweden) after many late night jams and rehearsals. The first album ´´Endless Skies´´ was released in May 2009 on Transubstans Records, with lots of awesome reviews in both Music Magazines and Web Fanzines as a result. In November 2010 Mangrove releases their second album ´´A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow´´ on Transubstans Records. The album contains ten songs which are energetic, powerful and dynamic. The feeling is that the band has reached a new level. Mangrove has a lot of different influences, but as a listener you can not be mistaken if you can hear some similarity with bands like Black Sabbath, Rush, Led Zeppelin and The Who among others.
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