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Generators,The - Welcome To The End - CD

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In 1997 THE GENERATORS released our first album titled "Welcome To The End". It was one of those blazing hot summers in Los Angeles , and there was no escape from the scorching heat. Dirty Ernie told me there was this kid who lived near his house who had a swimming pool in his back yard, and that we could find refuge there from the sweltering heat wave. Upon my arrival to this kids house I was also find out that he had a drum set and some guitar amps sitting in this old beat up garage that was infested with spider webs. To say the least we didn't make it into the pool that afternoon, actually that afternoon turned out to be the birth of THE GENERATORS. That kids house turned out to be our lead guitarist The Doo's mothers house. He was only 17 years old at that time, yeah the summer of 1997 was all about over dosing on 77 style Punk Rock, ice cold beers, and back yard Rock N Roll parties. It wasn't long before Triple X Records heard about the band and threw us into the studio to record
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