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Dwarves Must Die [Redux] - CD

N-Joy Records

A band that got kicked off Sub Pop for playing pranks (turns out their guitarist wasn´t dead!) shouldn´t be releasing albums so well constructed, should they? Album covers with naked/bloody women and midgets, half-hour-long albums and 15 minute shows, and a total aversion to telling the truth give the Dwarves a lower profile than you´d think if you only heard the music. It keeps the band a dirty little secret. If you want in and can stand the guy or girl behind the counter sizing you up for buying an album with such a filthy cover, The Dwarves Must Die is an excellent place to start. Producer Eric Valentine -- the man who gave everyone from Smash Mouth to Queens of the Stone Age his winning slick and loud treatment -- keeps the chaos clear as a bell and makes this the most accessible Dwarves album yet. Luckily, the band is ready for Valentine´s cool touch with an inspired, biting set of tunes that put the pedal to the metal.
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