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Cherry Poppin´ Daddies - Soul Caddy - CD

Cherry Poppin´ Daddies have been tagged as a retro act, and that´s selling the band short. Sure, the boys found their opening into the mainstream via the lounge lizard fad of the mid-´90s, but the band has found an answer to the age-old question ´´So what else do you do?´´ The answer is Soul Caddy, the Eugene, Oregon-based octet´s follow-up to its breakthrough Zoot Suit Riot and a much more diverse release at that. The opening cut, ´´Diamond Light Boogie,´´ keeps swing on the brain as the band takes a foray into glam-rock territory. ´´Grand Mal´´ is a nice exercise in acoustic folk rock with enough heart to make it both fresh and refreshing. ´´My Mistake´´ mixes their punchy horns with skittery percussion, giving the track a mad rush of flavor. And, yes, the band still knows how to swing like Prima and jive like Armstrong.--Jason Josephes
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