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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - How Big Can You Get? - CD

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy´s retro-swing approach has its charms, but veteran swing fans may wonder why it´s necessary to listen to a group of youngsters who take most of their moves from the original masters of the genre. BBVD address that question ... Full Descriptionon HOW BIG CAN YOU GET?: A TRIBUTE TO CAB CALLOWAY. The album is an 11-track homage to one of swing´s great figures, and the band does an admirable job of capturing the essense of Calloway´s jumping jive, thanks in large part to the singing of Scotty Morris, who pulls out all the stops with his performances. Evergreen Cab favorites ´´The Jumpin´ Jive,´´ ´´Reefer Man,´´ and, of course, ´´Minnie the Moocher´´ are on offer.
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