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Bette Midler - Sings The Peggy Lee Songbook - CD

Bette Midler´s first songbook album focused on songs popularized by Rosemary Clooney, and it became a surprising hit after being latched onto by vocal fans as well as adult contemporary audiences. Befitting her image, the record wasn´t a reverent tribute; Midler and musical partner Barry Manilow modernized the arrangements of Clooney´s bigger hits, recasting ´´Come On-A My House´´ as a swing-hip-hop number and reimagining ´´This Ole House´´ as a bluegrass song. Midler´s 2005 tribute to Peggy Lee is a more conservative affair, perhaps due to Lee´s larger status in the realm of American song as compared to Clooney. That´s not to say it´s a disappointment; in fact, it´s a talented, affectionate record that may not add much to the cause but is a solid tribute. Certainly Lee´s image as the bemused, world-wise, sometimes sensual siren fits well with Midler´s, and both have exhibited an excellent rhythmic sense. And the m
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