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Antares,the - Start Your Engines With... - CD

Italian rock and roll can be hit-or-miss. There are a lot of toilets posing as recording studios (not a problem in itself - except when they´re public) and a worryingly high proportion of bands seem to be into metal of the heavy or death variety. The good news is that The Antares don´t seem to hang out around the urinals or to like . The Antares play flat-out guitar music that´s as much rock as it is punk. That might need explanation. You know how vomit always contains carrots, no matter what you´ve eaten? Music from the greased back, stripped down spectrum of late ´50s rock is The Antares´ version of carrots. Hopefully, the vomit reference hasn´t put anyone off their lunch because The Antares are very palatable Rock Action. ´´Start Your Engines...´´ is just 10 songs in 30 minutes but what a rockin´ half-hour it is.
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