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Adjusters,The - Reckless Relations - CD

Zodiac Killer Records

From the filthy smoke-filled pubs of Londn England come these bastard sons of Johnny Thunders and crew! Somewhere near the sound of the HEARTBREAKERS beating the snot out of the BOYS-OR MAYBE GUNS AND ROSES. This is great ROCK N´ ROLL! Complete with huge riffs, great hooks, and LOTS of hot R N´ R piano action! Awesome guitar work and sound too. Close cousins to their juvenile delinquent American counter parts the FAST BOYS. These young uns´ rip the rock a new arsehole. As they say across the pond. With lyrics like ´´you´re a high-class hooker, just like your mother´´ and a fuck-all attitude, these boys are sure to be a top favorite of real ROCK N´ ROLLERS everywhere! Get it now before they are all dead and gone! Zodiac tortures MILF´S while listening to this baby and chugging pints!!!
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