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Revolvers - End Of Apathy - CD

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Germanic flash rockers the Revolvers are one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the world. The fact that they're not referred to as such by everyone within earshot of 'em confounds me. I mean, these songs are finely constructed works of low-brow art, filled with soaring guitars and perfect hooks and dead-on rock idol lyrics, each one more memorable than the one before. I am, quite frankly, in awe of their songwriting prowess. Of course, even reckless genius has it's roots in glories past, and the Revolvers pay homage to their heroes in every note. The heart-felt, affecting "No Clash Reunion" is the most overt, of course, but you can hear it all- the speedrush of the Ramones, the thigh-highed swagger of the Dolls, the snarl of the Pistols, the pop metal sheen of Hanoi Rocks- throughout "End of Apathy". Still, they never sound like copycats, even when they really are swiping riffs; this is a band that knows how use the best and throw away the rest, and look like brave new pioneers wh
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