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Chopped #4


Chopped Issue 4 March 2009
58 pages, full color, glossy paper
Front cover photo: Kyle Ford

In this issue we have some great coverage of the 2008 H.A.M.B drags, John Lynch´s 34 roadster, and for all you bike fans out there we have some awesome old photos of some great looking bikes, courtesy of Fred Steele.
This issue´s tech article gets down to painting on the cheap.

In this issue:

¤ Road Night & Monarch
¤ The H.A.M.B. Drags
¤ Early Australian Hot Rodders
¤ Fred Steele´s Bike Shots
¤ Hot Rod Reunion
¤ Australia from the Vault
¤ How-To: Cheap Satin Paint

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