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Lowside Magazine 13

Lowside Magazine

What do you do when the dude on the brand new softail and HD of Cozumel shirt gives you the wave? I would assume most of you do exactly what I do; pretend it never happened and don't even acknowledge the guy. Now, I have my reasons for not participating in this gesture of "brotherhood". Typically when I'm broke down on the side of the road, it's these asshats that cruise right past me, with their radios on and their feet up like they're in a lazy boy. This is the same dude that expects me to wave to him as some sort of sign of brotherhood. Even though he can't take a minute to stop to see if I'm OK. Now wait, even though this column is pretty much 99.99% about me, let's think about the other guy for a second. Do you think he's hurt that we don't acknowledge his wave? Mad even? What emotions is he going through now that a fellow biker acted as if he didn't even exist? Does he immediately put The who, Behind Blue Eyes on his radio and quietly sob into his Paul Sr. mustache? This could be
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